Event Date

Sep 28-30 2018


One on One is an innovative format in which each game will be 5-10 minutes in duration. The playing field will be small, and the game will have an innovative start.
To begin with, the tournament will be organized in the NCR region expanding thereon by continually including more regions in every successive season.

    One on One Highlights :
  • - Individual skill-based tournament
  • - Short format with instant results
  • - Open Challenges of football and basketball for the audience
  • - DJ , freestylers for audience engagement
  • - First of its kind tournament in India

With a short format and instant results, it is sure to increase the enthusiasm of the crowd and access the ever-growing street footballers, thus giving them a chance to showcase their talent on a stage, reaching the mass.
In a nutshell, we are striving to deliver caged football with new innovations and rules, to leave you with a sense of excitement and individual accomplishment.
A competition brought to you by Time of Sports that gives direct entry to Neymar Jr.'s Five.

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Terms & Conditions

    • Age limit and Category (School, Open, and Corporate): Please check your edition, category, and age group before booking your entry
    • School Student ID cards are mandatory to be presented at the venue. Corporate Corporate ID cards are mandatory to be presented at the venue. State, National and International levels players are strictly prohibited to participate in the Corporate Edition of the Games
    • Open All players are welcome to participate in the open category without any restrictions
    • Participants have to ensure that the equipments provided and should be used properly and returned to the Time Of Sports crew after completion of the match
    • Participants are responsible to participate in the tournament in the right spirit and ensure fair play
    • No arguments with any Time Of Sports crew or officials or professionals or opponents will be entertained. Participants have to ensure that they report to the registration desk of the respective sport as per the scheduled reporting time
    • Participants are responsible to clarify any technical rules with the referees and officials before the start of the match and any rules regarding the format or pertaining to the tournament should be clarified with Time Of Sports crew only
    • Time Of Sports and/or officials and/or professionals and/or crew will not be responsible for any personal or monetary loss or damage or injury incurred during and/or after the event
    • Time Of Sports will not be held liable for and participants indemnify, Time Of Sports, officials, professionals, and venue authorities, Time Of Sports employees, fellow participants and any other person or entities involved, of any personal/monetary/material injury/loss/damage incurred during or after the tournament
    • The rules and regulations are subject to change, without prior intimation and changes if any will be informed to the participants, as early as possible
    • Time Of Sports reserves the right to all decisions and matters pertaining to the event/tournament and the organizers decision shall be final
    • Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment
    • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded
    • We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior at the venue to pick up your physical tickets